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                Build world-renowned brands

                Feipu Explosion-Proof Electric CO.,LTD.

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                Feipu Explosion-proof Electric Co., Ltd locates in Quzhou city of western Zhejiang province and beside national highway #320,which contains construction lands over 30,000 square meters and planning building area more than 60,000 square meters. The company achieved national manufacturing license for explosion-proof products and ISO9001 quality system certification; it is a recognized provider for reputable petroleum & chemical enterprises and a reliable business partner of various companies in China and abroad. The company is a participant for drafting National Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment Standards, a member of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) explosion-proof branch, a well-known brand member of China Brand and Quality Committee, and is honored as AAA rating of service reputation and credible enterprise of internet marketing.

                The company manufactures the products with advanced equipments and techniques: main procedures as die-casting, machine processing, surface polishing and plastic coating are full automatic or semiautomatic. Testing centre is equipped with a series of advanced testing facilities, like electrical performance testing equipments, enclosure compressing strength testing equipments, protection testing equipments etc. It is an integrated company of design, production and sales, which has advanced equipments, wide supporting capability and complete quality assurance system in the industry.